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Ghost of Shadrach

After 5 months trying to get my local meetup started, in 48 hours with this app I have a co host and 8 new members.  This app is exactly what we’ve been missing and I’m glad the people on it have a little skin in the game.  I don’t want a bunch of grifters!

The Bitcoin Mermaid

Thanks to @orangepillapp i have met 2 Bitcoiners at @LuganoPlanB and now I am happy @iaconide (in photo with me) & @_jklnz it was really cool to meet you guys. Bitcoin Warriors United

Patrick Leung

Finally we have an app for the #Bitcoin community,  check out @orangepillapp , great design and it works on M1 Macs! Looking forward to meeting all bitcoiners in the globe and in Hong Kong. Team Orange for sure. Thanks for the introduction! @Mr21Million

Joël Kai Lenz

I tell you @orangepillapp  works! The fifth person messaged me on there today saying they have seen me online or IRL before. Brilliant!


Important lifehack. You should hang out with #bitcoin people. It will change your life for the better.

Luminous Exchange

I have more friends all over the world with the help of #bitcoin . I feel borderless.

Any maxi plebs you can recommend?

Kastriot Kosova

I want to meet more women starting Bitcoin projects & companies. 🤓

How do I find #Bitcoin meet ups in my area ? I’m in the Seattle area, would be cool too meet some people in person.

Shitcoiner Rehab

Thinking about starting a Hoboken NJ Bitcoin Club!! Anybody in the area interested in joining?


It's f*cking settled, It's impossible for me to date someone who isn't a #Bitcoin freak like me !! I'm so excited today and all I'm getting as a response is, " OK well you enjoy watching that"

Bullish Mike



It’s time

It’s time for me to meet real bitcoiners irl

Daniel Prince

Go forth and download! Meet #bitcoin plebs in real life, work together, build, network, let's kick adoption into high gear!


The community behind Orange Pill App is absolutely insane.

Natalie Brunell

Who's into #Bitcoin here in Paris?

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